Thursday, July 10, 2008

Outsourced hits Durham

Here's a review excerpt from the INDY Weekly which gave Outsourced four stars and called it "the year's best romantic comedy by far." Outsourced opens Friday, July 11th in Durham at the Galaxy Cinemas:

Outsourced is a romantic comedy that is actually funny—but not in the unfunny potty gags and sexual humiliation we associate with Steve Carell and Mike Myers. Instead, writer-director John Jeffcoat must write from bemused experience, as he shows Todd's initial alarm at chaos and poverty dissolving as he understands the vibrant social connectedness that makes his American wealth, computer solitaire games and estrangement from his parents seem meaningless compared to India's occasionally baffling but enfolding embrace. —Laura Boyes

Read the entire review HERE

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Beth said...

Hey! The Galaxy Theatre is in CARY, not Durham. Although both towns are in the area known as the "Research Triangle," Cary is about an hour's drive from Durham. Thank goodness for online mapping!
Sorry I missed OUTSOURCED on the big screen, but just watched the DVD with my dad, who grew up in India, and we enjoyed it very much. Thanks to all who made it!