Saturday, July 19, 2008

Outsourced DVD Reviews

On September 2nd Outsourced will be released on DVD throughout the US. You can place it in your queue in Netflix today. have already released two reviews ad you can read them here:

Outsourced is a clever, sweet, and surprisingly hilarious movie that uses lighthearted humor and charm to win over just about anyone in need of a carefree movie experience. The combination of likable characters, modest humor, and a cute love story make for a purely enjoyable romantic comedy. With more comedy than romance, the film easily overcomes being predicable and cliched. Director John Jeffcoat has a fondness for his characters and simply guides them in the right direction every step of the way. Not only is it a hugely enjoyable film, but also a beautifully rendered love story.
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The acting is all quite good. Josh Hamilton hits all the right notes as Todd while he has great chemistry with Ayesha Dharker's Asha. These two really hold down the core of the film. First time feature director John Jeffcoat, who also co-wrote the script with George Wing, directs their performances to great effect. Jeffcoat does a fine job with the material, which is shot beautifully by Teodoro Maniaci.
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Anonymous said...

Please make a sequel. An inter-continental love story so that Todd and Asha get together!