Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Outsourced Returns to Seattle!

If you missed OUTSOURCED on the big screen in Seattle, you'll get another chance this week when it plays at Seattle's only pizza & beer movie theater, Central Cinema , September 18th- 25th. For directions and screening times go HERE.

Director and co-writer, John Jeffcoat, will be on hand FRIDAY night at the 7pm screening to introduce the film and chat over a cold brew and some tasty pizza. Don't miss out!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

No Outsourced in Blockbuster or Walmart

Outsourced ranked #1 in the Netflix most watched instant downloads last week but it is still not available in Blockbuster or Walmart. If you buy or rent movies from either of these places be sure to request Outsourced and ask them why they don't carry it.

Aside from Netflix you can find Outsourced on Amazon.com, Hollywood Video, Target, Best Buy, and many other independent video stores.

For right now, the only place to buy the soundtrack is still www.outsourcedthemovie.com

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

USA TODAY features Outsourced

USA Today's 'Watch, Listen & Read: The month in media' features OUTSOURCED:

Seattle-based director and co-writer John Jeffcoat researched what life is like on the other end of the phone by visiting call centers in Bangalore and by collecting stories from a source who does training for Microsoft.

One of Jeffcoat's initial aims was to excite Americans about investigating other cultures, but he's been surprised by the attention the film has drawn in the business world and academia.

"I spoke recently at the University of Washington to a group of business students who are about to go to India," Jeffcoat says. "And ShadowCatcher (the film's independent production company) has been producing a curriculum to send to schools because there was an interest in it."

The movie also caught the eye of NBC. Jeffcoat is currently co-writing a pilot for a TV version, which he's billing as a global workplace comedy featuring ex-pats from different companies working under one Indian call-center roof.

Read the entire USA Today column HERE


Outsourced is now available on DVD throughout the US on Netflix, Amazon.com and other retail and video stores nationwide. If your local video store is not carrying it, tell them to get it! This DVD includes several bonus features previously unavailable including:
- Director, Producer, actor commentary
- Storyboard to Film comparison
- Interview with director John Jeffcoat
- "What did they say" scene translations
- Behind-the-scenes documentary
- "Holi" music Video

If you still have your heart set on seeing it on the big screen, check www.outsourcedthemovie.com for theatrical locations. There are still a number of theaters that will be screening the film through September.