Saturday, April 12, 2008

German Television Interview

For those of you who speak German or just like to watch people speak German, check out this link to a popular German news show that Intervewed director John Jeffcoat and actor Josh Hamilton while they were in Berlin, Germany for the Premiere of Outsourced.


Julia said...

Just saw Outsourced in a German cinema (quite a crowd there for a sunny Sunday).
The best moment: when they are at the "Lotus Bar" I realised I had been to the very same place (the "ghetto" in Mumbai). Funnily as opposed to the film, probably the only hangout that serves Western rock music. I knew we had the same taste in music (my sister was the one wearing the Long Winters shirt in Stuttgart) but this was unreal.

Admin said...

Julia, thanks for making it out to see the film! I remember you guys. Berlin was a blast and it's great to see the film doing well. We're trying to get as many people as we can out to see it this weekend. If we continue to do well in Germany FOX may decide to bring it to the rest of Europe. So tell your friends!

Good to hear from you. Take care,

- john