Friday, April 4, 2008

Ashland Film Festival

A big thank you to everyone who attended our screening in Ashland, Oregon tonight. We had a great sell-out at the Varsity and such a wonderfully warm reception.

We're screening again Saturday night and George and I will be back for a Q & A after the screening (there will be an additional screening on Monday). Stay tuned for a short video blog from our trip to Ashland. It's been a great trip so far! Also had a chance to catch the great new film from our friend Lynn Shelton, "My Effortless Brilliance", and a fascinating documentary by my old roommate Glenn Thomas called "An Ideal World" about the virtual world 'Second Life.'

Great vegetarian Sheppard's Pie at the Black Sheep!!! Almost as good as my wife's.

Pictures and Video to follow....

- john

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Ed Shull said...

John - It was great meeting you both tonight. I'm not a big rom-com fan usually, but the dialogue and setting really won me over. I am looking forward to seeing the pilot. I can definitely see this being a terrific TV show. Thanks for bring your film to Ashland. Ed