Thursday, July 12, 2007

Outsourced Opens Bollywood and Beyond

Guten Tag!

Last night we screened as the opening night film for the Bollywood and Beyond Film Festival in Stuttgart, Germany. We had a fantastic screening and a wonderful reception from the German audience who reassured us that it would be a big hit in Germany.

I'm here with Josh hamilton who plays Todd and Ayesha Dharker who plays Asha. It's the first time in Germany for all three of us and it's been fantastic so far. This is also the first time that we've been together since we finished the film. Great to be together again. This is also Josh's first festival experience since he has been tied up with Coast of Utopia in New York.

We had a nice walk down the red carpet which led to a bar stocked with premium single malt scotch, a nice welcome indeed! We'll be frolicking in Stuttgart for the next several days and I'll try to continue posting pictures of our adventures. The Bombay Dub Orchestra will be performing a concert here tomorrow night which should be great. I've also heard the pretzels are not to be missed. We shall see...

I met our German distributor who is keen on getting the film out to an audience very soon and I'm hoping that it will happen parallel to our US theatrical release which begins September 26th.



Anonymous said...

Great to hear it went over well in Germany! How do you say 'Outsourced' in German? - a fan

Claudia said...

I am happy to hear it's doing great in Germany and even has a distributor. Hopefully it also jumps to Switzerland. Would love to see Josh Hamilton in this. He's a very good actor.

I believe "Outsourced" in German is "Ausgliederung" (which is more like "Outsourcing").

Greetings from Switzerland