Sunday, July 15, 2007

India in Stuttgart

Last night we were entertained by the Bhangra Brothers and Juggy D at the Bollywood Boogie Night until 5am. Great fun at another day of the Bollywood and Beyond Festival of Stuttgart, Germany. The night before we had the pleasure of a live performance by the Bombay Dub Orchestra. These guys are tremendous musicians who bring a modern vibe to great classical Indian music. If you enjoyed the music from our film you should check out their album, and if you have a chance to see them live -don't miss out!

We've had some time to explore Stuttgart and even had a chance to visit the Schmuck Basar! This is a great walking city and supposedly one of the safest in Germany. I have to wonder if the town in 'Hot Fuzz' was modeled after it...
Ayesha had to leave a few days ago for an audition in London but Josh and I have one more night before we head home tomorrow.

Tonight is the Awards dinner and the closing night film Vanaja, a great film if you haven't seen it already. The sun is out again and the heat is back with a vengeance. Josh and I will be off shortly in search of a fresh Stuttgart pretzel.

Bye und auf Wiedersehen!



sallypoppins said...

Exquisite picture of Josh. ;-P

It was nice meeting you both, but I just wondered if there's a deeper meaning in the words you wrote down for one of my acquaintances?

Good to see you liked Stuttgart, so maybe in the near future you may feel the urge to honor us with your presence again. ;)

Wish you all the best!

John said...

Indeed there is meaning behind that quote... When I first traveled in the East it was to Nepal in a cultural immersion program where i was sent off to live with a family in a very remote village. When I arrived, I sat down with an elder and the first question I was asked was "Do you plow with Oxen?" That was the start of an adventure that inspired OUTSOURCED.

sallypoppins said...

Thanks for the reply!
I see I should read your blog more attentively. Already found the answer in one of your early posts. :-)