Monday, May 12, 2008

Dreamago screens Outsourced

I spent this past weekend as a guest at the Dreamago Screenwriters retreat in Switzerland. Outsourced was screened to open the week-long workshop of international writers. The goal of the organization is to "help develop, support and promote films that make a difference." Stephen Frears was their guest last year and it was an honor to be there with Outsourced this year.

Pascale Rey's passion for Dreamago and the wonderful people that help support her vision make the organization something very unique and exciting. I would encourage anyone with a screenplay in English, French or Spanish to submit to one of their programs.


Anonymous said...

It was a huge pleasure to receive "outsourced" in DreamAgo screenings. It's a very intelligent movie, smart and witty but also very entertaining. Well written, well played, and well directed.
thank you for this great moment :)

Pascale Rey,
President of DreamAgo

Anonymous said...

Hi John,

I so enjoyed meeting you and seeing Outsourced at DreamAgo's Plume & Pellicule. Thanks for a wonderful movie! Good luck with your projects, and hope to keep in touch.

Alexis Niki