Sunday, January 6, 2008

The dawn of the Seattle film industry

by William s Arnold, Seattle P.I.

The dawn of the Seattle film industry:
For all the indie filmmaking activity Seattle has spawned over the past three decades, the sad truth is that, until this year, the city had never produced a homegrown film that has made any noticeable impact on the larger movie world. But in '07, two Seattle films earned national distribution: "Zoo" and "Outsourced." The latter, which won the top prize at this year's SIFF, was the more significant because it was an inspired romantic comedy that was as entertaining as anything the studios had to offer in the same release period, and thus could compete with Hollywood on its own terms. Its producers' decision to turn down Miramax's distribution offer and self-release the film in partnership with chains around the country also created a template that has the potential to break the tyranny of the distributor and change the way indie films reach the public.

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