Monday, October 29, 2007

Fest fave "Outsourced" making its way to TV

Moira McDonald of the Seattle Times wrote an article appearing in todays paper about our recent deal with NBC.

Fest fave "Outsourced" making its way to TV

by Moira McDonald
Seattle Times Movie Critic

In John Jeffcoat's comedy "Outsourced, " winner of the audience award for best film at the Seattle International Film Festival last spring, a Seattle office manager finds himself in a place he never expected to be: India, to train telemarketers at a call center there. Now "Outsourced" itself may well be headed for an unexpected destination: television.

Jeffcoat, a Seattle-based filmmaker, confirmed in a telephone interview last week that he and "Outsourced" co-writer George Wing are busily writing scripts for a planned television version of the film, under development for NBC. Ken Kwapis ("The Office"), who approached them after seeing the film and enjoying it, is attached to direct the pilot.

"This is a new world," said Jeffcoat, who estimated that in a "best case scenario" the show might air in the fall of 2008, assuming that NBC likes what they see.

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