Sunday, September 23, 2007

Seattle movie company ShadowCatcher finds its niche

A key figure in ShadowCatcher's growing roster of feature films is Tom Gorai, who became a producing partner in 2001. A Seattle native who left to find success in the business (he eventually produced the Jeff Bridges thriller "Arlington Road"), Gorai says he is ShadowCatcher's "eyes and ears in New York and Los Angeles."

But Gorai and Skinner were also determined to make a good movie driven by Seattle-born talent, something ShadowCatcher hadn't done yet. That goal led Gorai to "Outsourced" 's Wing and Jeffcoat, whose script had gained attention in Hollywood, though no one wanted Jeffcoat attached as a first-time feature director.

ShadowCatcher offered the creative team what it sought.

"ShadowCatcher's dedication to the film," says Jeffcoat, "and to my vision of what the film was, is what directors dream about."

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By Tom Keogh Special to The Seattle Times



Anonymous said...

What is the name of the track that is played during the credits? I just saw the film here in Austin, and I really enjoyed it and was relieved that there weren't too many of the clicheed India jokes. I hope it is well recieved.

Admin said...

The song that plays over the opening credits and the end credits is called "Ari Ari Part 2" by the Bombay Rockers. It will be on the Outsourced Soundtrack which will be available on next month!

Anonymous said...

I just got finished seeing Outsourced!


What a great flick!

The whole cast was great...

And the lead lady? I think I'm in love

Anonymous said...

I saw the movie and I thought it was great. I worked in India setting up a call center and they did a great job of showing India how it really is. I cannot remember the name of the Pearl Jam song played when Todd goes home, can you help me with that?